Brazing valve bodies in a tunnel oven with the hydrogen controlled atmosphere

We specialize in brazing brass, copper, and stainless
steel through the process of a tunnel oven
with a hydrogen controlled atmosphere.

Our computerized brazing controls and maintains the hydrogen and nitrogen gasses in the oven. Our oven was produced by Thermic Service Company of Switzerland. Such applied brazing technology creates joints high in strength and aesthetics.

All brazed components are cleansed in a five chamber computer-controlled washing machine to remove impurities and ensure a ready-to-deliver product.

The maximum brazing temperature is 820̊C. If needed, we can increase the brazing temperature by installing additional heating equipment.

Brass bodies are also milled and turned by means of a modern CNC center.

Brazed brass body with stainless steel connector


Brazed brass body with copper connector

100% of finished parts
are visually inspected to meet our
customer’s specifications before shipment.

If you find our capabilities interesting, please contact us with the technical
specifications of the parts to be brazed or provide sample parts for test brazing.
Let us show you what we can do!

Brazing brass and copper connectors by means of automated brazing machines

We provide brazing services for brass and copper materials with
stainless steel parts with specially designed automated machines.

Brazed parts are assembled on spindles on a rotary table. This technology is often called “flame brazing”. Wellda uses propane gas.

Brazing at 650̊C with silver rings as joining material.

Brazed parts are galvanized to clean and finish them. Wellda has partnered with a leading galvanic company.

Quality is assured through batch testing and visual inspection of each component before shipment.

Brazing copper connector with stainless steel cup


Brazing brass connector with stainless steel cup

All finished parts are
100% checked visually inspected to meet our
Customer’s specification before shipment.

If you find our offer interesting you are welcome to contact us and send technical specification
of parts to be brazed  or parts for test brazing. Let us show you our professional capabilities!